Derrick went above and beyond to help me.  Before taking his classes, I had virturlly no knowledge of the NDT industry.  Actually, most of my work experince was in restaurants and bars, so everything about NDT was a foreign language to me.  Thankfully, Derrick went out of his way to distill complicated information into simple concepts that an inexperienced person like myself could understand.

In less than six weeks.  I was certified in three NDT Methods.  Finding a job still took a lot of persistence and effort, but I quickly learned that obtaining the same certifications in other training programs would have taken me several months or in some cases more than a year.

So if you're interested in getting into the NDT industry, save all that time and money and sign up with Derrick.

Joshua L.
Kenner, LA

After working in the same profession for many years, I convinced myself I was at my maximum earning potential. But after making the decision to attend NDT training with Mayo Consulting Services, my options increased greatly.  Unlike other training classes I have taken in the past, I am actually using information and techniques that I learned in class everyday in the field.  I would definitely recommend this class to anyone looking for an opportunity to give themselves better options.  My only regret is that I didn't do this years ago.

Nathaniel  J.
Opelousas, LA

"I've attended five courses through Mayo Consulting Services and have gained valuable information and certifications.  Derrick is an excellent teacher with extensive knowledge in the NDT field.  Any questions I've had for Derrick he was able to answer precisely and in a form that was easily comprehendible.  I would highly recommend Mayo Consulting Services to anyone looking to get into the NDT field or to further their knowledge and professional education."

Johnathon C.
Baton Rouge, LA