Lengths of black pipesOften times a company’s workload can expand past the availability of the qualified personnel able to handle the work. Mayo Consulting Services is here to assist you when this happens by providing comprehensive NDT consulting services and NDT procedures in Opelousas, LA. We are ready to provide you with NDT inspectors that are ASNT NDT Level III qualified, which means they have the training and experience necessary to perform most types of inspections.

The staff we offer you includes elite technicians who passed all performance testing in the 95th percentile. They possess unique skills in project execution, physical endurance, relentless dedication to client satisfaction, and the ability to be the ultimate solution provider to meet your specific inspection needs.


  • Advanced Ultrasonics (AUT)
  • Advanced Ultrasonics Corrosion Scanning (AUT C-Scan)
  • Alternating Current (ACFM)
  • Digital Radiography (DR)
  • Eddy Current Testing (ET)
  • Electromagnetic Testing (EMAT)
  • Guided Wave Testing
  • Laser Scanning
  • Phased Array (PA)
  • Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD)